A few years ago the accent nail emerged as a popular trend for a manicure with a little edge! This popular look involves painting one nail on each hand (usually the ring fingers) a different shade that stands out from the rest! While we’re all for a single accent nail, we say there’s no reason to stop at one! Make the most of your manicure by choosing multiple shades for a cute colour coordinated look!

A lovely way to get started with multi colour manis is to choose your favourite colour and opt for three to four shades to form a gradient. We recommend getting started with a light palette like pink or nude. For extra fun, mix in one shade of glitter on your ring finger!

The best way to avoid a shade-clash is to choose colours within the same colour palette. While contrast can certainly look cool, your best bet is to choose shades that don’t contradict each other. By all means, if you have an inspo photo in mind - take a risk and rock a couple contrasting colours!

Have fun with your next manicure and ask for multiple shades for an entirely unique nail look!