Much like nail services, a professional wax can truly be a “treat yourself” moment. Many ladies who visit us for waxing never go back to at-home methods. Our customers are continually satisfied with the long lasting smoothness they receive from our salon services! Here are the top 5 reasons you should let our expert team handle your waxing needs:

Less Pain

Many waxing first timers come to us with fear of wax-induced pain. While we can’t promise you waxing feels delightful, we can promise you expert technique to reduce discomfort! Our team of professionals use the best products and methods to avoid irritation.

No Setup or Cleanup

A major perk of leaving your wax to the pros: no need to clean or prep! Our salon is stocked full of the best wax heaters, disposables and accessories. No need to stock up on these supplies for yourself: let us do the work to setup and cleanup!

Get Hard-to-Reach Places

Our pros know how to get rid of unwanted hair, everywhere! DIY waxing can certainly be difficult when it comes to sensitive hard-to-reach areas. Avoid doing bathroom gymnastics and let our experts do the work!

Longer Lasting Results

Waxing services give you the power to love your smooth skin for longer! Unlike shaving, waxing removes hair from the root. This extends the time it takes to notice regrowth.

Minimise side effects

Our waxing professionals only use high quality products to help protect your skin from irritation or ingrowns. Our salon quality waxes are formulated with the best ingredients to remove hair without stretching, pulling or damaging the skin. Immediately after waxing, your skin is in a vulnerable state and needs to be properly cared for to prevent problems. Our team has all the advice you need to take the guesswork out of aftercare!